Thursday, September 02, 2004

This house after us.

I am going to go pick up Emilie from school in a few minutes. I wanted to write for those few minutes.

Even as I tell you who I am, my very self changes, because who I was would never tell you so openly. I could never tell you all about me anyway. There is so much of myself I am blind to.

That new curtain is so long it pools on the floor.

Whoever lives in this house after us is going to have a time trying to paint over this black paint I have all over the place. Ha ha.

Today I was thinking about LAOIS for some reason in the middle of EDT 181. Funny stuff. I certainly wasn't engrossed in our discussion on vectors. Did I not learn that junior year of high school? Meh.

And I saw Rob Lehman and Katie Amburgey today. That was nice, I guess. Yeah, it was. Made me miss Rachel. That's why I thought about LAOIS. That was all Rachel.

I am procrastinating so bad right now.

I cannot wait to see Katy again.

Note to self: Take Camera tonight.

Anyway, time to go get the baby. Well, shes four, but shes always going to be one of the babies to me. Emile and Elisabeth, the joy of my heart.

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