Wednesday, September 22, 2004

"All I really want to do is to fall into / The emptiness that is / The space in between us / Erase it and bring us together again" - Building 429

Starving for attention and reassurance,
even though you said you loved me
tell me again
tell me everyday
as I slowly
Oh, so slowly
back away.
Looking for you
I smile at you
into your eyes
hoping you can feel me
can you feel the way I feel for you?
When I look at you?
Am I as transparent
as I try not to be?
(Last night
I was remembering
the times when we
would hide in the closet
under the stairs,
our secret fort,
our space.)
The voices in my head
tell me
I will never be good enough for you
for anyone.
(You tell me different.)
But the voices in my head
are with me
(And you are not.)
Alone here,
as always,

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