Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Always, Always

I finished a romance novel today. It was the story of two soul mates, reincarnated into another life. The person that was a she in the first life was a he in the second and he remembered everything from the former life. The person that was the he in the first life was a she in the second and she remembered nothing. And to add a twist, the females in both cases were sirens (except that the new she did not know that she was a siren, she was even afraid of water) Anyway, to end the confusion, I ended the book and made an audible sigh. And I thought. . . if only . . . but then. . . what if this was the first life and I had yet to find the soul mate? But, sometimes I feel so old to be so young. Maybe he is out there, as I think of him now. I am smart and patient enough to wait. Ah, I await you. Always, Always.

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