Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Attn: HST 112 Canceled due to: ILL

My HST 112 class was canceled due to illness. Although this is pretty awesome, I did not bring any other books with me today, so I cannot do homework here, and I must stay because my next class starts at 10. Oh well, guess I could do a little reading for history.

These keys make more noise than the keyboard at my house. It makes it sound like I am typing really fast. I should get one of these for my room, a vanity keyboard. No. I am uncomfortable. Everything is in the wrong place. The screen should be higher and chair should be lower. Wow, I am whining. I'll stop.

If I go home, I will have enough time to get there, watch my mom sleep for 15 minutes, and come back. What to do. . . what to do.

Well, I am pretty sure these computers are meant for educational uses. . .

I know! I can work on my natural gas project. Okay, well, I will most certainly write back later.

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