Wednesday, September 08, 2004

That dream place.

those dreams we had
when we thought of one another
You said we could meet there
in the dream place.
And try as I might
I never reached the place
we set out to meet.

And maybe that is why
we do not know one another
and you have gone away from me
to another place
far different
from our dream place

And childhood memories
I have with you
walking on my front porch
round and round
and the night
we played in your basement
and we tried to summon
spirits of one kind
or another.

Those plans we made
promised to follow
knowing all along
that we would not.
Maybe I mourn for them
or maybe just lost friends.

Now I think of you
less often than
I thought I would
more often than
I would like to.

And through all the
and strange happenings
I just wanted to say

Thank you.

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