Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Thats what SHE said!

I would like to share some important things I learned yesterday. While they are separate lessons, they are all intimately related.

First: When bleach is poured into the place marked "liquid bleach only" in our washing machine, it simply runs out the bottom of the machine onto the laundry room floor.

Second: It is not a good idea when separating the laundry to leave the blacks piled up in front of the washing machine on the laundry room floor.

Finally: Black dye for clothing cannot undo the damage bleach has wrought.

In other news, after the urging of several parties, I watched the office. Every episode. And yes, it is amazing and wonderful and other positive adjectives. You were right. Now, I feel the need to spread the Office gospel, because I have been converted and I am new! Haha. And I do feel the need to share a quote from Dwight: "I know what you are thinking: Won't that just shed more light on the penises?"

More excitement? There is. I'll tell you about it, and then answer your questions:

I went on a date. (I know, right?)
I'm turning 21 REALLY soon. (Yes!)
Katelyn and I are writing a book together. (Yes, when it's finished.)
I tried asparagus. (No, it was green. Of course I didn't like it.)
I'm going to Europe. (August, 2008.)
Now I have a real cell phone plan where I can actually talk to people and stuff. (T-mobile.)
I now officially hate my job. (New people, old people gone, negativity, stuff.)

I guess that covers it. Now we won't have anything to talk about, will we?

Sarah Jo