Sunday, November 07, 2010

It probably would have been amusing to the observer.

We decided to drink together. Over the phone. Because we are far away from each other.
I couldn't keep up. My body gets really excited about chemicals.
For example:
(My body says) Caffeine? Did you just give me CAFFEINE? I AM SO EXCITED! LIFE IS SO GREAT!!

So then I gave my body alcohol. It went something like this:
Hey, I feel warm.
Oh man, all my muscles feel niiiice.
Hey! I want to say everything I am thinking!
My legs aren't working right! Or maybe it's my balance!
I still want to say everything I've EVER thought!
Let's run into things!
I'm SO happy!
The room is spinning if I close my eyes. I'll keep them open!
Okay. Spinning not stopping. Too much. Enough with the spinning.
I'm feel sick.
Oops. I need to wash the shower curtain. And clean the floor.
Why is it so hard to stand up?!

But now it's morning. I woke up feeling perky and excited. I have no idea why. Shouldn't I feel really sick? Isn't that how this goes? Not that I'm complaining.