Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Belated apology to someone who will not read it anyway.

First, I was taking a shower today and realized that the only soap we have upstairs is a tiny sliver of soap that disappears when one tries to put it on the rag. What a sorry excuse for soap. We should have some kind of rule that whenever the soap gets to a certain point, the last person using it should be responsible for notifying the proper authorities, my dad, so that the soap can be replaced. I have actually opened a bar of soap and hidden it before to see how long the rest of the family will use the sliver before they take action, like opening a new box. The results were disappointing.

Second, I felt a momentary pang of guilt over last summer. I am sorry. I let the judgments of my peers become my own. I was mean. I feel bad about it. And maybe I was not openly mean, but I did talk about someone, and I feel horrible about it. I am sorry. I really really am. I have no place to judge you. Forgive me.

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