Saturday, September 11, 2004

And eating soggy funnel cake.

Have spent all of my free time reading a dirty romance novel today. I did not know that it was dirty when I started it, but then by the time it got dirty, I was too into the book to put it down. I never did read My Fair Viking, by the way. This book, The Last Mermaid, is pretty good so far. Although, when it is romance, quality is not really an issue for me. I will say that no one could ever beat P.C. Cast. Ever. That woman is a goddess with words.

And. . . Oh, I had math class this morning. Had my first test as a college student! I thought I did well, we will see next Saturday. I knew how to answer all the questions anyway. Thats a good sign, right? Oh, and I saw Johnna. That was happy. I wasn't quite sure if it was her. She was walking behind me and I did not want to stop and stare, so I just walked slower. Yep, it was her.

And Friday I saw Ashley at school. I miss you! Lets go to the movies! Lets hang out! I miss you!

Went to the grocery store with dad today. I got mint chocolate chip frosting. Will it be good? I don't know either. I would set up a poll but then, I don't know how and then, does anyone read this anyway? Yeah, so, yeah.

Well, you are reading it. And I love you for it! (well, and other reasons too, of course.) Like the way you. . .

Umm. . . I want to make a cheeseball. How do I do that?

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