Sunday, September 05, 2004

No Banality Here.

I am now the proud owner of a wooden spoon, a wooden bowl, a clay mug, a hand-woven basket, and Dr. Something or others Miracle Medicine. Apparently, it cures all sorts of ailments from dysentery, worms, baldness, old-age, depression, and spinsterhood. Katy and I got some so that we could find husbands. You know, if I don't marry by 22, I will be a spinster and no one will want me. And since I do not have a large dowry and I cannot pull a plow, I will have to make it up in other places by using Dr. Whoevers Miracle Medicine. Of course, the rich lace merchant said we could become poor lace makers if all else fails. Any single men out there of good breeding and caliber looking for a wife? I can almost cook and clean and sew. Good, strong Irish blood runs in these veins, makes for fine sons, I'd say.

Anyway, back in this century, I went to the fabric store and got some black dye for my sheets. Oh, and I went in my pioneer outfit, petticoats, shift, bodice, bonnet and all. Yes, I got some strange looks. Yes, I enjoyed it. Maybe I am a reincarnated pioneer or something. Anyway, I would love to do that more often. I did go to goodwill in my corset once. It was fun until some strange man started talking to me and asked if he could touch it. Creepy. *Cringe* He then proceeded to tell me how to lace myself into one without assistance. It sounded like he had had lots of experience doing it.

Well, I should go start the dye process, could take awhile.

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