Monday, September 27, 2004

Boogie boogie boogie

I was talking to Joanie today and she said that they have internet cafe's in china, so I can blog from china. That will be exciting. That way, I can tell you everything. Besides, I do not think I could go two weeks without blogging, and I do not want to actually write a real journal with paper and pen. That is sooooo 20th century. Hehe.

I got my book, The Color of Distance by Amy Thomson, in the mail today! I won it on ebay. Yeah, so Im going to go read now.

Oh, and they are finally remodeling Fashion Bug. Funness. Smells like paint in there. Story: Jenelle and I were the only ones in the store for like the last half hour before we closed. We were talking and moving the bras to a new area and I heard the noise that the hangers make when you move them on a rounder, I know, very specific, but I heard it toward the front of the store. My first thought : There is a customer at the front of the store and I did not greet her! So, I walked up there and there was no one. Then, Jenelle comes screaming for me asking where I was, because the table cloth was moving on a table on the other side of the store. She told me to check under the table. There was nothing, but we were freaked out nonetheless. Christy always says Fashion Bug was built on an ancient Indian burial ground. . .


your unmocking spoof said...

Isn't EVERYTHING in america built on ancient indian burial grounds???

Anywho, welcome to The Supernatural. I hope you enjoy your stay ^^

Sarah Jo said...

Thats funny because that was my response when she told me that.