Thursday, September 09, 2004

Look, I made links!

I just saw Hanson on the Sharon Osborne Show. It made me feel all those girly feelings that I used to feel when I was obsessed. Well, no. It made me remember how those feelings felt. I am not obsessed with Hanson anymore. I do not need to go buy the albulm or see the concert or anything. It was awful when I felt that way, when I had the pictures on my walls and I listened to the music everyday and I thought the greatest thing ever would be to meet them and I was sure it was my destiny to marry Taylor. That sucked, to wish for something so unattainable. At least with guys I know, there is a chance. Do you know what I mean?

Now I like Relient K. But I do not have pictures on my walls of them. I only know that the lead singers name is Matt T. and that they are from Canton, OH. I do not know their birthdays and I have no plans of marrying any one of them, let alone meeting them. I love the music, not the band. And this is healthy. If ever I start to slip into that teenage girl obsession with a band, I will run away. Quickly.

Hey, you should watch this.

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