Monday, September 13, 2004

Lets go see a scary movie together!

I watched Resident Evil: Apocolypse last night. I swear I almost hit myself in the head one time when I jumped. Something scary happened and my hands just made a beeline for my face. I was terrified twice over. I jumped so many times, it was beautiful. I was holding on to Ashleys arm about half the time. Scary movies are great to watch with other people cus then you can hold on to each other and not be ashamed for it.

I used to play resident evil religiously. My favorite was RE 3: Nemesis. I liked shooting stuff and solving the puzzles, but mostly being scared. I would throw the remote at my brother everytime something really scary happened. Ahh, good times.

Umm, So I could not post earlier and it frustrated me so I made a post here instead. Well, Im off to do homework. Just thought I would share my movie going experience with you.

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