Tuesday, September 14, 2004

So that's darkness.

I was sprawled diagonally across my bed, (in the most un-ladylike fashion) head at the bottom of the bed, feet on the headboard, reading. There were pillows under me, near me, by my head, by my feet, and blankets all wrapped around me. In short, I was immensely enjoying myself.

Then, the world went black and silent. The soothing hum of the air conditioner was replaced by the sound of the fan spinning slower and s l o w e r and the stopping. The lights went out. The warm red glow of my alarm clock was gone. The insistent green flickering of the stereo died. The famiar box of golden light streaming through the cracks of my bedroom door frame could not be seen. No light from the street lamps spilled through my curtains. Darkness. Silence. And I staring at the place where my book should be.

So first, I waited for my eyes to adjust. They did not. It was sickening foriegn blackness sucking at me. I threw the blankets over my head until the air I breathed was too hot and humid. I gathered up my courage, climbed off the bed, tripped over pillows and blankets and cords and trash cans (Note to self: clean room) and fumbled toward the general direction of my door. My thoughts: Please tell me they paid the electric bill. Is this how it feels to be blind? Why don't I have a flashlight in here? Whats touching my foot!?!? I just knocked something over. Doorknob! I pulled open the door and I was granted with a little starlight seeping in through the blinds in the hallway. I walked down the stairs very carefully and into the living room. The front door was open. I discovered all of my neighbors standing out on their front porches shouting: . . . blew a transformer. . . don't have lights either. . . over there. See the truck?. . . be out long?. . . be so bad if I was sleepin. . . was watching tv when. . . My mom was standing near the road taking place in this group conversation. She had a flashlight. We went back inside. A few minutes later the power came back on. I went back upstairs and climbed back on the bed in the most un-ladylike fashion. . .

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