Tuesday, August 31, 2004

You said You loved me.

Maybe some silences are meant to be.
Perhaps my bruises are not as bad
as I say they are.
What if I want more
than I said I need?
Is it okay that I am inconsistent
and broken
and lonely?
Maybe I might run away from you.
And what if I do so
just to see if you follow me?
Would you still listen
if I spoke to you in riddles?
How would you feel if I said
you inspired me?
Can I change my mind?
Will you hold my hand
even when it makes me uncomfortable?
Sometimes when I have a problem,
I do not want you to fix it.
Can you just listen to me?
What if I am afraid to get mad at you?
Or I get defensive when you are mad at me?
Can we talk about it?
Will you get scared if I cry over nothing?
What if I cannot be strong all the time?
Will you tell me when I do something wrong?
Can I be purposefully imperfect?
What if I hurt you?
On purpose?
What if I am a hypocrite?
Sometimes I am blind
to others needs.
Sometimes I am selfish.
And I lie.
And what if I promise
that I will lie to you?

Would you still love me then?