Monday, August 02, 2004

Detective Work.

Someone was in my room while I was gone today. I first knew this because my bedroom door was open, and I always close it when I leave. I don't want the cigarette smoke to stink up my room, and if I leave the door closed, there are less bugs. I hate bugs. Then , I found further evidence when I saw that the phone line was plugged in. I always unplug the phoneline for extra security. Third, the curtain on the window by my computer is different. All three of these clues point to only one conclusion, someone was in my room today.
Thanks for caring enough about me to read my ramblings.
Anyway, I must not have much of a life if I know the exact position of the curtains. Another supporting fact would be that I am here, in this chair, every night. What a loser. I think I need a new hobby. I think that this blog is the most interesting thing that has happened to me all summer. Heh. Man, that curtain is really bothering me. Loser.

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