Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Glimpses of things I knew.

Other than the usual pre-work pouting, I am full of yellow, jubilant feelings. Mostly. I am wearing my new pink shirt, well, the majority of my shirts are pink. Anyway, this makes me happy. And I got a paper shredder that I just finished playing with. Fun stuff. And. . . I remembered my dream again. Why am I always running from something in my dreams? I think maybe this is something I need to confront. What am I avoiding or who? I am confused. I guess I need to spend some time getting to know myself better. Okay, I know exactly what I am running from. I wont tell you though, it just might be you (depending on who you are, of course.)

I miss you Ashley! I got to see you for only two or three minutes today, and that was the beginning of the happiness. I will give you my schedule when I get off work today! Lets do something!

My dream involved carbon monoxide, danger, not being able to touch the ground, being underground, working as a team, strategy, pillows, various pieces of furniture, rats, and a shiitsu massage chair ( I do not know how to spell it.) I don't even know what it was about. I only remember scenes and emotions and glimpses of things I knew. Ah well.

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