Sunday, August 08, 2004

Whatever it was.

Tonight I was thinking about what we used to be, what we might have been without one another. Wow, we have grown up so much since then, in Mr. Parks class getting all the answers from the teachers edition. With Precious Mimi making us read Where the Red Fern Grows by tape, aka: sleeping in class. Walking in the rain in D.C. and against the wind in Chicago. Messing up spanish food recipe's (cantaloupe juice?) and me spilling grape juice concentrate all over the place. Pairing up in Senorita Benedums class, and Ashley and Kate getting mad because we said they were slow. And remember Mrs. Boggies class? And then Mrs. Bremer. I love that women. Even more recently, you giving our cars STDs. And singing, "Your mom's a wh***" at the top of my lungs when someone's mom walked in. The orangutans. I forget so much. You always remember everything. Ah, it makes me laugh and then cry. God it was awful. God it was wonderful.

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