Thursday, August 26, 2004

I hate short posts.

Here I am hiding in my room again because I am afraid of people. Nah, everyone is in bed anyway. I feel like I should be doing something. . . Oh, homework.

I got a planner today and I transferred the dates from all my syllabuses? syllabi? into the planner. Now I have all the due dates in one place. Next: Remember to check planner.

Wow, its a little late. I watched the Olympics too long. Awesome stuff though.

I must go. I have class early (early for me anyway) and I work nine hours tomorrow. But hey! I have my vacation next week if anyone wants to do anything anytime. Heh. Im a loser.

1 comment:

your unmocking spoof said...

thanks again for the ride ^_^
you got me there right on time.
i had missed a class, but that apparently was innevitable. silly schedule re-arranging.