Saturday, August 28, 2004

And THEN. . . And THEN

Soooooo. . . . Saturday Class is freaking awesome. I parked in the best spot ever! And everyone I saw in the hallway was on their way to the same class as me. And my teacher is hilarious. And the math is easy, although I am scared to death that I will not be able to explain it to children. This will be a new skill to learn. It will be like telling someone how to breathe. I have done it for so long I do not even know how I do it. Wow. So I like it mucho.

I hung out (hanged out?) chilled with my dad today. We went to Middletown shopping center thing. I went to the consignment shop and Hancock fabrics while he got his hair cut. I got the cutest little outfit for Elisabeth! Oh, Oh, and I purchased some material to make a curtain for that window. Finally! Oh, Oh, and I looked at the books with all the patterns in them and drooled over all the civil war era dresses and sighed and the other lady there was doing the same thing! And then I was telling the cashier lady all about it (because I talk to complete strangers about everything and quite often) and she said she was a reenactor! Wow! And there is some kind of encampment in Piqua next weekend and I am on my vacation so I can go! And Dad is taking a vacation day and he will take me (because frankly, he has no choice in the matter) Oh, and I am going to the fair at New Boston with Katy on Saturday! Exciting stuff. Yay!
I wish I could wear corsets and hoopskirts and petticoats! (While wearing deodorant and having brushed my teeth with Colgate, oh, and in the air conditioning)

Anyway, and then we went to the grocery store and I experimented with pork chops for dinner. I marinated some in Hawaiian marinade and it actually turned out good! Wow, I cooked something! Mmm, I will have to make some for you sometime, if you like pork that is. Well, I could use chicken too. And I wasn't afraid of the grill! Yay for me!

And. . . I think that is all the exciting stuff I had to say.

Dreams, ugh. So I was not hiding from an enemy, like usual, last night. I was hiding a secret, and it was weird because it was a real secret that I actually do hide. Except in the dream, they found out, and all this stuff and it was horrible. And I cried in my dream and I woke up crying and it was just awful. Will I tell my secret to relieve myself of this burden? Um, no!

So, I feel a bit overwhelmed at the amount of homework I have to do, mostly reading. I have so much to read that I don't have time to read stuff I enjoy, like those romance novels I checked out. It is just as well I suppose. Here is how they all go. Girl, and then guy. Girl and Guy belong together. Some conflict keeps them apart. Conflict resolved. Mushy moment (we can call this the "aww" or "sigh" factor). Then they live happily ever after. The end.

Okay. Now I have to read Twenty Years at Hull House and Physical Science and Math and History stuff. Darn it.

Oh well. Good day. I am going to do homework for say, an hour, and then I will spend the night with Joanie. Tomorrow is my brothers b-day party.

Papaw changed my oil today! And I got windshield wiper fluid! (This is exciting for me. Its like taking my car to the day spa or something.) Now, I need air freshener and a wash.

Anyway, farewell. And really do, I mean. Fare Well.

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