Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Dear whatever-your-name-is,

I cleaned my room today. I went through the numerous piles of random paper for hours. I found some very old, very bad poetry from seventh grade. I cringed. I read old homework assignments and all my college junk mail. I found paycheck stubs, birthday cards, to-do lists, junk mail, books, poems, stories, random sentences, notes from my friends, and even my collective doodling from all of high school. It was interesting. I even found a diary I started writing to my future husband.

Okay, I guess that last one requires some explanation. I went to an abstinence seminar thingy to see Eric and Leslie Ludey (Leslie was sick and couldn't make it.) Anyway, one of the ideas of the program was to live everyday as if your future spouse were watching you, so that you never did anything you would regret to tell them. How would he feel if he saw me doing this or that with another guy? That kind of thing. So, I started a diary for him so that he could really watch me and see how faithful I had been. (Of course, no temptation has ever fallen into my lap anyway.) I got embarrassed for myself as I read those words I wrote so long ago. Maybe I will marry someone someday who will appreciate the thought. But, like most things I start, I grew tired of it and stopped writing in it soon after I started. Oh well.

Anyway, that was the most exciting thing I did today. I am done sharing things just for now.

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