Sunday, August 01, 2004

No Face

Sometimes, I cannot help but be disappointed with people. It seems I see a glimpse of something beautiful, or maybe just something I want to see, I want to happen. But then, inevitably, the beauty is quickly covered by the next word or action. Why are we so vulnerable, so afraid of one another? Because we are so capable of hurting each other.
(I would never intentionally cause you pain. )
I do not know the future. I can only know what I hope to happen in the vague promise of tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. I hope that eventually I will find someone I am not afraid of. No, that's not what I mean. I hope I find someone that I trust enough to overcome my fears of them. And I almost thought I had, for a day, for a few days, but. . . Disappointment.
(Maybe that glimpse will come again, I pray)
Why I am saying these things, I do not know. I needed these words to be said and had no face to share them with.

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