Saturday, August 07, 2004

What happens when you stay up late reading science fiction.

I had a very weird dream the other night and I don't think I should share it with you, someone might laugh at me or do the equivalent in their head, but I want to remember and this is the best place I cant think to do so.

I was running. No, it didn't start out that way. I was in a crowd of people. It was a crowd of the last people, I know. We were what was left, and we were hiding. Then "they" found us. I am not sure who or what this "they" was, but I was running and trying to hide. I ran into a building/patio type thing and climbed up one of the poles and layed on top of one of the support beams. Then this magical thing happened. (Wow, when I wrote "magical thing" the screen shook and changed colors like there was a power surge, but there wasn't. Weird) Anyway, I started to sink into the support beam like it was sand, but it was wood. It formed itself around me like a tube. Others were hiding on top of the beams and I told them and they began to sink into the beams too. The tube completely enclosed me and it was dark but safe. We crawled through the tubes for awhile. I do not know how we chose direction, but we did. Suddenly we were outside and the tubes were clear. We were crawling through a playground, and children were there and they didn't see us. Then the tube became dark again and got smaller. It got very small. I was scared. And then we were at the end of the tube. It dropped into a basement somewhere and we were safe. It disappeared as soon as we excited and we were safe. Other stuff happened too, but it just continued to get weirder. I just wanted to remember this part. This was the most real dream I have ever had. I could feel the grain of the wood. I could feel the sides of it growing up around me, enclosing my snuggly. I could feel the air get warmer when the tube sealed up. I remember the relief and the wonder.

*I don't know who it was I was trying to escape.
*I don't know who was included in the "we"
*If "we" were the last people, and "they" were chasing us, why were the children playing safely on the playground?
*What does this mean, if anything?
*I think this book was a result of the marriage of "Robot City" series and "Xenocide" by Orson Scott Card. And the Carebears. And "Battlefield Earth" And reading before bed.
*I think I should back off on the science fiction.
Yeah right.

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Ashes said...

WOW! I wish I could have one! My dreams are never that real. I think ou should keep reading Science Fiction before bed!