Saturday, August 14, 2004

Stupid Flash Video

Last night, I was looking at the flash videos at One of the videos scared me so bad. It was called subliminal messages in music or something like that. Anyway, it had a song and if played backwards, you could hear some girl saying the lords prayer and it sounded really creepy. I had to turn it up really loud to hear it. Then, right in the middle, a scary face pops up on the screen and starts screaming a terrible scream and loud music plays. I jumped out of my chair, knocked over the trashcan (full of shredded paper), ran out my bedroom door screaming, and then ran down stairs and outside. I was completely alone in the house and I was so scared. I called my moms friend and made her talk to me till my mom got home. Then, I made my brother go turn off the computer. I slept with my bedroom door open and the hall light on and my bedroom light on. Sigh. And I think I might again tonight.

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your unmocking spoof said...

i'm sorry to hear that the igits got you too.

this is why i am now extremely paranoid about downloading flash videos and what not now.

it comes in many forms.
if anything is quiet, or makes you want to turn up the volume, hit back or close the thing as soon as you can.
they give you time, but if it is too serene or silent, beware....