Saturday, July 31, 2004

Squeeze Back

I find, I do not miss people very much until I see them. (Well, with the exception. (And my heart still aches for you. (You, who will not read this. Not for a very, very long time.))) And so it was, when I saw Johnna today. I do not know her very well, but I think that she is the coolest person I have ever met. More unique beauty, I have not seen in anyone else. I wish wonderful things for her. I do think of Johnna often, because she gave me two Relient K CD's (my favorite) and I listen to them everyday. Anyway, thinking about a person and missing them are two different things. Its like, I think I miss them, but then I see them and my mind and soul cry out joy for it, and oh, how I've missed you.

The worst missing I have ever experienced is with the babies. When I haven't seen the two E's for a while, I just want to hold them for a bit until I am satisfied. Oh, how I've missed you. Give me a hug. No, you are supposed to squeeze back, silly.

Wow. I'm done with this thought.

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