Monday, July 19, 2004

My "F" word poem.

I wasnt going to write anything, because I feel I dont have anything interesting to say, but, I still want to talk, so there. I watched The fifth element today. I think Ill watch it agian. I love that movie.

Maybe I could just give you another poem and that would fill my creative quota for the day. Is that okay? Okay. Here it is.

The "F" Word

Your every other word starts with an "f"
And rhymes with stuck
Yes, that’s what you will be
If you keep it up

Your frequent use of this word
Is ever so persistent
Your I.Q. must be very low
And vocabulary, non-existent

You use it as an adjective, verb, noun
In every sentence
You’ve even mastered all its forms
In all the sense and tenses

I did not mind so much
That you would fill your mouth with trash
‘Till through the air and to my ears
Did this garbage pass

Your right of speech you have obtained
And used it plentifully
But disposed of and forgotten
Is your right to purity

Please keep in mind those around
Whose ears your words will rape
And learn the virtue of silence, or vocabulary,
For goodness sake!

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