Tuesday, July 06, 2004

A Long Hug.

They laughed at me. Im still upset about that. And James called me a nun. Im a girly girl. I like pedicures and sunsets and pink. I cry and Im sensitive. So what. Am I supposed to be ashamed of this? What the heck is all this estrogen supposed to be doing? Am I supposed to ignore the beauty all around me? Well, they can go ahead and live in their ugly drug-induced nightmares. I dont care what they think. Yes I do.

Im in a horrible mood. Ashley knows why. I dont care to say here. I dont trust everyone with my feelings. Im just sad. Im just lost. I just need to cry and not be ashamed of it. Sigh.

I like my new christian rock cd. It makes me happy. Sigh.

I think I just need you. I just need a long hug.

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