Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Dont Look at me. (Look into me.)

I like music. These last couple of days, I have just really been into music, christian rock to be specific. My emotions are determined by the guitar and the voice of the singer. I am no longer under my own control. I just want to coast along for awhile, because I havent been doing a very good job at controlling myself lately.

Heres all I want to say: Im sad that it seems to be over. I cried for it. But then, Im glad that it happened. I like that I feel all these new things, even if I dont like the things I feel. I would have rather been here than to live forever never having felt this. I dont care if you know what Im talking about. I just want to talk. Im sad. Ill get over it in a few. I sit here in anticipation of something Im thinking might not happen. Two sides of me arguing. One says: ITS OVER! HELLO? GET OVER IT! IT WAS NOTHING ANYWAY! And another part of me says: It was fun. I hope its not over. I dont think it is. This is just a lull. This is just a speed bump. Its not over. It wasnt nothing. It was nice. Its not over. It cant be over so soon.

Why am I saying this? Dont read this. Ignore this. (Please listen to me) Ignore me (Please hear everything I say) Just go away (never leave me alone) Dont look at me (look into me) Dont touch me (hold me tighter) Please (please) Thank you (thank you)

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Anonymous said...

Sarah you have known me since I was born. We have a bond that many people never experience. I wanted to let you know that I am by your side always and I'm sorry for being such a grumpy butt some times. Luv ya! Ash