Sunday, July 25, 2004

Shut up/(and love me back)/I like boys/ Is this a poem?

I couldnt decide on a title, you pick.

I like boys
(Even though
I fear them
-shhh (Its a Secret))
I want one
of my very own
and somehow
Im not allowed to
say this
(People usually laugh
or change colors)
And girls say
"You dont want one,
boys are sooo much
and then they go
and call their boyfriends
I want
. . .
or change
a new relationship
(Of course, Im not entirely sure that "new" is the correct word to use if there is no previous relationship to be described as "old")
I want to experience.
I want to feel.
I want to hurt
and love
and laugh
and cry.
I want to get my heart broken.
I want to completely abandon myself.
Shut up
and love me back.

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