Saturday, July 10, 2004

Spirit Song

So I feel like a little sim with all my little need meters down. Im tired. Im thirsty. Im hungry. Im dirty. I hurt. I probly smell. I cant hear. I'm sunburned.

But, I dont think I have felt this good in quite a long time. Wow is all I can say. Spirit Song was awesome. There is just a power and energy coming from the bands and from the audience and swirling around and it felt nice. It was great when the crowd moved together in one mass and when the guys (because there was only one girl perfoming today) would scream and double over and lift thier hands to the sky all in passionate praises to God. My poor heart was confused. There were all these bands that looked like bad boys and sounded like bad boys, but they were all good boys, the best boys and all I could think was, I want one. I want to take him home and keep him in my closet and bring him out for entertainment when Im down. Oh, thats right, thats what the CD is for.

So I was just walking around between shows and Relient K walked right by me. I thought I might die. Of course, I didnt talk to them. Im too shy for all that. Seeing them three feet away from me was good enough.

Ashley and I sat right near the front. We could see the guys sweat running down their faces.
Oh, we saw: Morgan Trevor
Sarah Kelly
Relient K
*someone else*
Day of fire
Audio Adrenaline.

I loved Subseven, Kutless, Relient K, and Day of fire the best. I did not like Audio Adrenaline that much, but thats just my opinion, take your own.

It was awesome. We got to rock and worship at the same time and then not at the same time and then at the same time again. It was. . . I cant say awesome one more time. I wish you could have been there jumping up and down with me. It was like reckless abandon. I didnt care what I looked like because I was having a good time listening to good music and singing at the top of my lungs to my God. I feel full. I feel fulfilled. I feel happy. I feel pink.

So I purchased a black tote bag that says "I LOVE CHRISTIAN BOYS!" on it. And I purchased a KLOVE visor cap and a Pink t-shirt that says "I am a Princess." on the front and "My father is the king of kings" on the back. I didnt particularly want that one, but it was the only one I could find in a larger size, which irrates me quite a bit because I saw plenty of plus-sized people at the concert. Cant we buy cool t-shirts too? I mean, really. I wanted the shirt that said "Free Hugs" and the shirt that said the same thing as my tote bag. I saw someone once that had a shirt that said "Hardcore Christian Chick" That was pretty awesome too. Anyway girls, there is a cool website for christian girls called (Im not trying to advertise, I just thought it was cool)

Anyway, so now that I told you how much fun I had, I need to take care of myself because, well, I do stink. And Im thirsty, and Im. . .

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