Sunday, July 18, 2004

S pa ceB ar

I made potato soup tonight and ate it until I felt sick. I love potato soup. Yum. But I feel like crap now.
Im happy. I was thinking today that I could be happy for today and tomorrow. Im happy.
(My fingers keep hitting the space bar at the wrong time.)
I had the strangest instance of deja vu today. I told my dad when it happened and the thing he said was exactly the same thing I knew he was going to say and it freaked me out and then I walked to my car and he yelled something out the door that was exactly what he yelled out the door last time, and I dont know what he meant either time he said it, if that makes any sense.  Strange.
Im thirsty.
So I have the day off tomorrow and tuesday. Thats fun. Yep.
I worked hard today. Im tired.

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