Saturday, July 03, 2004

I like. . .

I'm sitting here. Ashley is sitting behind me. It makes me nervous that she is there. Im sure she is not reading it, but still. Its like, performing in front of an audience or something. I know its just a blog, but, this is me honestly and I don't have to look at anyone while they read it. People can look disgusted at first and have plenty of time to compose themselves before they see me again. Sigh.

What do I want to tell you tonight? I want to tell you that Im trying to be something different. I am trying to be more. . .open. I guess that's what I mean. Im trying to be comfortable enough with who I am to show you me. Im tired of playing hide in my poetry. I want you to see me, no matter how terrifying it may be.

here's me: I like. . .

to play pioneer with Katy because Katy loves to play pioneer with me. I love to play dress-up. I love to be someone else for a while. I love to sew. No, I don't want to take any classes or learn a pattern, cus then It wouldn't be fun.

to read. I just go to the library a pick up random books. I don't care what they are about.

to watch movies. I don't care what they are about either, well, unless they are cop/shooting/gang/detective movies or sex/drugs/Adam sandler movies. *cringe*

being somewhere and talking for hours about anything with anyone.

spending all day with my family.

going to the movies with Ashley C. She's my very best friend. Then we can talk about the movie all day long. "I loved that part where they. . ."

being silly.

being around my little cousins.

typing here.


writing poetry.

reading my poetry to someone I trust. Wait, there's more than trust to it. Someone Im not afraid of.


my bed. (Although it is no longer my favorite place to be.)

Um, I think Im done for now. I don't like listing all the things I like.

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