Thursday, July 29, 2004

Memories and made-up things.

I'm drifting in the swirling pool of thought that is my mind. Every once in a while I bump into solid thought, but I quickly bounce off and spin out into some new direction. Here where the colors swirl into one, I see shades I've never seen before. Maybe there are a million colors I've never seen. I feel defined by the lack of variety in the colors of the world. I want more.  Images flash before my minds eye of a thousand memories and made-up things.  I see things I have never even seen before. Like the face of the protagonist of my favorite story. Maybe this is a face I have seen before, a face I decided to give this character, a face stored in the vast storage bank inside my brain. There are things here I never knew I knew. I put things away in section. I cant hold them all at once so I store them. I forget where I put them. What did I file it under? You ask me if I remember the time we. . . and I don't. You say it was raining. I don't remember. You say it smelled like cotton candy and then I know. I believe we remember everything that ever happened to us, we just file it away somewhere and then forget where we put it. Maybe we only use a small fraction of our brain because the rest is storage. Maybe I don't know what I am talking about. I read in a book that there are endless possibilities for the human gene. That we could multiply endlessly without ever creating two alike human beings. That we do anyway. This makes me feel things. There can never be another human being just like me.  Drifting away from this thought, now I am somewhere else. I finished a book last night and the whole world of it is still saturating my brain. I interact with the characters in my head looking for the answers to the questions. When I read I cannot wait to get to the end to find out what happens and I am thoroughly disappointed when it is all over. I like books that come in a series for this reason, because then it is not really over. But I finished my book last night and I have a taste of something and I want more. Bring it to me. I want to sit back and observe the world some more. I want to be in the ever-growing city and watch the waters flow into the room with the great pool. I want to walk along the tunnels under the city and see its naked edge. I want to hold the hand of the protagonist as we rush toward the climax of the story. I want to be there again, because it was beautiful.

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