Sunday, June 27, 2004

The trains in my head.

Good morning world, or rather, right before noon. Oh well, I'm allowed to sleep in. That reminds me of Ms. Luke in ninth grade teaching us the difference between allowed and aloud. And mail and male. That reminds me of last night. And Rachel ran her sweatshop experiment. (I think it was the best time sewing I've ever had. (Except when my skirt flew up (well okay, that was funny.))) I don't like this train of thought, I've been here before, like last night when. . . So Ms. Luke was awesome. She made a whole semester into a reality t.v. game thing. We played the mole. I was terrible at it. Pappy was the mole. That was before I had my own computer.(Computer, I love you!(Note to self: Name Computer.)) I like doing parentheses like that. It reminds me of math, and I have fond memories of math in high school (except for that last semester or so.) We had fun. Its nice to have a room full of people with a sense of humor that is more complex than derogatory jokes, you know? I like you people. I like. .Um. . For lack of a better word. . . nerds? dorks? geeks? those math people? the science club? (While not promising to live up to the collective I.Q of the group.) That reminds me of that I.Q gameshow they had on t.v. I found it amusing. Now I'm sad. I looked at the clock and it is time to go to work. Oh well, Ill be happy that I did on payday. I promise to write more this evening. Bye! *hugs*

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