Sunday, June 27, 2004

Rachels Graduation Party

Tommy-I'm not all man.

Me-How big is 40 meters?

Tommy-I'm not used to my pants buzzing.

Me- I don't want a train in my mouth.

Rachel-You can feel my ear too.

Chris-Do you remember your butt?

Me-Is this where the cool people are? Chris- No, you're here.

Me-I smell often.

Tommy-Maybe that dog doesn't love you!

Katy-And then I have to unhickify myself.

Yep. That was fun. I cant remember them all, but it was fun. I laughed all night long and it felt good. It filled up all the empty places I had. I was needing people. No, I was needing friends. I feel all warm and yellow inside. Happy. Its like laughter releases some happy drug or something. Its called seratonin. Mmmm. Contentment. Peace. I didn't know I was that hungry for you. Satisfied (not to say that I couldn't use more) I thought I didn't like groups. I was pretty sure. But this time it was like . . . We knew it would be the last time for a while or forever. I don't know what happens to friendships when people go away to college. I'm not going anywhere. Geesh. I'm not outgoing enough to make all new friends and stuff. I need people to know me, to anticipate me.

But it was kinda sad remembering all those good times. They were just yesterday but four years ago. Can you believe it? Its always moving. Its always different. Nothing repeats. Nothing stops.

So here I say, I wont say no anymore. If someone wants to go do something, I wont sit here at home and do whatever it is I think is better than people. Think of all the memories I am passing up. I want to have those fun times. Lets do something silly. Lets be dorks. We wont remember the times we didn't do something. . .

Oh, I love this song. (Red Letters DC Talk) It reminds me of the time when I used to listen to it. Ah. Nostalgia. I'm too young for this. God, we are all going to get old.

No bother. I'm mellow now. (still not yellow)

I stayed up late last night to finish my book. I love Orson Scott Card. Awesome stuff.

I wish I could say something to make this worth your time.

Oh, Rachel wanted me to write about her. Here you go:

I think you are the reason I made the conscious decition to do the best I could in school. I always wanted to things as well as you did them. You were my role model, if you will. And you are so creative. I just don't know where you come up with stuff sometimes. It seems that everything you do, you do well, and your not even arrogant about it. You are just honest and you. I'm not glad to have met you, I'm glad to have called you friend. I'm glad to share memories with you. I'm glad to know some of you. Have fun at college Rachel. I will always have time for you.

Well, I think I will go downstairs now and spend some time with my family, since I was gone all day today.

(and since I spell sooo bad, even spell check couldnt recognize all the words)

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