Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Definition: Wonderful Day.

It started off when Chris said, " Look, someone painted the sky" and it really looked that way. I didn't have my camera then. Oh well. It got better when we went to the park and I pushed Elisabeth on the swing and she laughed that laugh of hers. Then, we went swimming and I had no less than six feet on my face before we were done. First we just floated holding on to each other and then we sang every song she knew and some she didn't, just singing at the top of our lungs into each others faces. It was beautiful. After that, Ashley and Chris and I went to pisanellos for some pizza and we got ice cream too. We laughed till we cried (or I did anyway) at the whistle stop. Ashley and I got some movies from blockbuster and we watched them in her basement on the big screen. We listened to Relient K in the car as loud as we could stand and I knew all the words. It was the perfect temperature today. The sky was so clear and perfect. There was a hot air balloon. The moon was incredibly bright too. We took silly pictures just because we could. I won't forget her smiling and singing at me. What a wonderful day.

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