Thursday, June 17, 2004

I wish, I wish, I wish and broken bits of poetry.

I wish I knew all of your inside jokes. I wish I knew what every expression on your face meant. I wish I knew if you snored. I wish I could see your baby pictures. I wish I could know everything about you. I wish I knew what you were thinking right now. I wish you knew what I am thinking right now. I wish I could be mysterious and yet completely known. I wish I was comfortable in my own body. I wish I could go on forever loving what I think you are. I wish that view would be shattered so I could love what you really are. I wish people were happy. I wish life was easy. No I don't. The hard things have made me who I am. The hard things make me strong. I wish that they could stay children forever. I wish I could know what they will be when they grow up, or tomorrow. I wish I was honest enough to tell you things I really wish. Like I wish you would just hold me forever, not to protect me from all the bad stuff, but just to know that in all the bad stuff you will be there with me. I don't need a fair-weather friend. I need you.

But mostly, my wishes have come true. For today, my broken bits of poetry, my broken bits of me, have taken up residence on this page. It is enough today, that my eyes will not be the only ones to read them.

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Anonymous said...

you are sooo wonderful! you think just like I do. I hope you get to know everything about those you care for