Monday, June 28, 2004

(Next to you.)

I sit here
in anticipation
of the next thing
you will say.
I play your words
over in my mind
and again
because I love you.
I sit here
and I want to
hold you
hug you
feel your cheek
against mine
and nothing else.
I sit here
listening to
your breathing
wondering if
you are listening
to mine.
I sit here
and think about
what you
must be thinking.
Your eyes are moving;
I wonder
what you
looking for.
I still sit here
not wanting
this to end
wanting this to
not wanting
this to move
wanting it
to run.
I like your eyes
and the way
you laugh
and the way I feel
when you are here.
I sit here
and I wish
I could say
I would sit here
if I was
next to you.

(This isnt just for one person.)

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