Saturday, June 26, 2004

Dear Stranger or =)ww.

First of all, Stranger, ww, when you have your poetry and stories in a site, I would love to read them. Tell me your address and we can share each other. My email address is if you don't want to post it on this site. If you don't care to share, the just ignore me I guess. Ill be curious for a while and then Ill forget about you.

Second, so I went to stake and shake with Ashley tonight and that was fun. It wasn't something I would normally do so it was nice. We talked, and I feel better. Its like letting some of the pressure out. I talk a lot but I don't get to say important things. I need to talk to someone more often, I'm running out of room in my head to store all these um random conversations.

Third, so this made me realize that I don't appreciate my friends enough. So, I think I will make a tribute here for the ones who know me best. You know what? No. Um, I think that would cause all kinds of feelings by people that I would not put on the page, so then I would have to list everyone and that would just be pointless. I cant do a tribute to everyone. So, this will be for Ashley, because she caused it.

Ashley, I don't appreciate you enough. I remember the first time I talked with you on the phone, it was like, wow. I really felt like we connected and I was comfortable with you from the beginning. What I like about you is this: you always challenge me. Since seventh grade you have reached into my little shell and try to pry it open a little more each time. Thank you. I think I might have been different without you. You don't sit there and let me complain or wonder, you just make me do something about it. I tell you I need to leave the house,and you offer stake and shake. I was going to say no. I was going to sit here and think about how much I want to be gone instead of going, but it was you. I don't apologize for being snappy with you, that's your own doing. Timid Sarah is nonexistent with you. I am sometimes uncomfortable that I am instantly comfortable with you. Um, I had a half hour distraction and now I lost my thought. Anyway, my point was something like, I like you.

Um, I have lots of thoughts now but I don't think I can share them all today. Maybe later. I even typed one of them out here but then I deleted it. I'm not so honest with you. I'm sorry.

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Anonymous said...

Well… I’m must admit I am a bit surprised. I didn’t think you would even take much notice to my post Sarah. I don’t know why I’m surprised because honestly I don’t know anything about you other then what you have let me see. And I like what you’ve let me see. So, no, I have not made a blogger post yet (I’m a lazy lazy person I guess). And thanks, I just might email you if I don't get my own blogger post up in the next day or so. Thanks for just being someone I can understand. =) ww