Monday, August 01, 2005

Okay sir, well, you have a great day!

At work the other day a customer got mad and went off on me. This is not a rare situation by any means. I smiled at them and told them to have a great day. After the customer left, Alex asked me if I was always so calm. I told him I was. He said that I was one of those people that seemed really nice and never got upset, but then one day blows up and kills ten people. Do I seem like that kind of person to you?

(keep in mind, I'll remember your answer when I blow up and kill the first nine people. . . )


Ronnie said...

(keeping that in mind) No you do not seem like that kind of person to me.

(regardless of the first nine) No you do not seem like that kind of person to me

You seem like a person who knows what she wants in life, and how to get that way. You seem like a person that has a direction in life much clearer than most. That is why you are so calm.

Ashes said...

I know you very well, and with that said, you would never kill anyone. I have seen you get your "revenge" and it is never anything too horrible or physical, but I do know that you think very hard and well on which words to use. I only wish that I could be more like you; and think things through before I say them.

Sarah Jo said...

Oh dear, I just thought: Have I ever said anything hurtful like that to you? But then, even after nearly 19 years, we don't get mad at each other very often. We sort of just get sick of each other for awhile and kind of skip a week. I love you even when I need to be alone.

Sarah Jo

Ashes said...

That is so true, and yet we can never go longer than a couple of weeks without talking. I don't remember you ever blowing up on me but if you ever have I probably deserved it, and after all it didn't scar me for life because I can't remember.