Friday, August 26, 2005

Quick! Pretend I said something clever! (you've heard that one before)

I had another wonderful day. Work was just awesome. Yes my friends, it was. I cant think of anything in paticular that I'd like to share. I mean, happy stuff happened but it would be hard to tell you because then I would have to share things I didn't before just to tell you what happy thing just happened. And that would be even more complicated than that last sentence. SO. . . I'm happy. Well, Im usually happy, but today it was easier. Happiness is a choice, I believe. But I cant remember weather or not I've said that so I 'll stop there.

I'm sleepy.

Work tomorrow and I'm so excited because I get to wear my new jeans that are a size smaller. I totally like results. But, I kind of blew it with the pizza tonight. Oh well. I'll just be extra good tomorrow or something.

I need to buy a planner. I've got all this stuff floating around in my head that would work much better on paper. Like how much to read for each class by when. Classical mythology is going to be the best class. Or at least the most fun class. I'll get to do a project on the clothing of ancient Greece, and I like clothes. But more important than all that is that tomorrow is Saturday and that means fun time, right?

Okay, I guess I'll go do some reading, since I have a pile of it to do.

Sarah Jo

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