Monday, August 01, 2005

Sweet Anticipation

I want to hear Your voice
let it wash over me
I'll be as silent as I can be
if You will speak to me

I want to see Your face
and it would change my life
I would never close my eyes
if You were in front of me

I want to feel You near
like a warming light
I would never move away
if You would touch me

I will live my everyday
in anticipation of You
and give my everything to You
because You are everything to me.


Ashes said...

Your Poems, after reading almost all that you have written, are becoming more involved with your emotions and this is the right direction for you. I believe the more truth and soul you put into your poems the better it will become, so I only see better writtings in the future. Luv ya ;}

Sarah Jo said...

I love you too, Ashley. It does mean a lot to me that you read my poetry no matter how often or silly it is. And I think you know me better than anyone else alive. Okay now, I'm done being sentimental.

Sarah Jo