Saturday, August 06, 2005

Im always a bad driver in my dreams.

Apparently I caused quite a bit of fuss today and I'll tell you why:

I came home from work to find that there was nowhere to park on the street in front of my house, so I pulled through the alley and parked behind the garage. I never do that and you cant see the car back there unless you walk behind the garage into the alley. I then went inside the house to find everyone gone. No note, no message, no nothing. I took a nap. Okay, I took a long nap. It lasted two hours. When I woke up (at 4) my brother and his girlfriend were home and I scared them because they thought I was gone. They told me to call my mom at Grandma's house. She was a little freaked out. "Where have you been? Do you know where I thought you were?" I'm a little offended. Have I ever disappeared without telling someone where I was going and when I would be home? Even when I get mad and leave they know I'm going to Walmart and that I'll be back home as soon as Dad gets home from work. Did no one think to knock on my bedroom door, just in case? I'll just start leaving notes and they will say :

Dear Mom,
I'm asleep in my room. No, I didn't run off to Vegas to elope with some man I''ve never told you about. No, I didn't go in secret to get something pierced or tattooed. No, I did not find an attractive corner to sell my body on. No, I haven't formed an addictive habit to some drug. If you don't trust me, just knock on the door and I'll answer. If you do trust me, I'll stop leaving these notes.
your "missing" child

Anyway, naps are a great thing until that moment you have to wake up, that's the worst. I dreamt during my nap. I dreamed that I got pulled over for speeding that the cop was a mean lady who I was pretty sure wasn't a cop. Her and some man made me get in my backseat and they got in my car and started driving us somewhere. I guess I'll spare all the details. Then I drifted into another dream where I was dancing with some man in the kitchen of a mountain lodge and he spun me around and it was wonderful. Then I dreamt I was watching a movie with one of my co-workers. How can I dream so much and remember from a nap, but I don't remember what I dreamed last night? And that's what I wanted to remember. . .

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Ashes said...

That makes me kinda angry, because my mom acts the same way. When you tell her your whole "plan" and she forgets where your at she gets mad at you. But when you forget to tell her where your going and you get home late she doesn't think anything of it(I guess because she didn't notice I was gone or wasn't looking for me). It makes you feel like a complete child; when were at the point in our lives were we are trying to be independent. " That's all I have to say about that".