Wednesday, August 03, 2005

"Vexing vocabulary runs right through me. . ."

Wow, I just had a brother-sister moment. You see, for the past. . . well for a long time my younger brother and I have been on a strictly greeting basis. You know, "Hi" "Bye", and then he is gone. Well just a moment he comes into my office and tells me I need to drop everything and connect with him. I paused the music and looked at him. "Okay, are we connected?", he says. Anyway, he wanted to know the name of a song and who sings it and he only knew that it was old, that I had it on a CD in my car, and that it was talking about a love letter from A to Z. We figured it out quickly, All Saints - Never Ever, and I decided that I have missed him.

Sarah Jo.

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