Saturday, August 20, 2005

"Say-wa! I'm firsty!"

I've had a very lovely day. The day started off with lunch and shopping with my grandma, Joanie, Linda, and the girls (Emilie, Elisabeth, and Kaitlynn.) Emilie and Elisabeth rode with me in my car. I felt quite grown up hauling two children around town. (okay so, it was just a couple blocks, but still) They continued to stick with me in the store, until they started fighting and went running to their respective mothers. After that I went home. My brother talked me and Dad into going out to Hara Arena for some closeout sale. It was just like a flea market, smells and all. Since we were in Dayton anyway, I had to stop and starbuck and get my frappacino fix.
So here I am with plent of day left and no more ideas. I'll think of something.

I might write again later. I guess that depends on how bored I get.

Sarah Jo

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