Friday, August 05, 2005

"I think I've blushed enough for one day, Joanne."

I had a great day today. I've had several great days in a row actually. Today at work I waited on this gentleman and his friend was there with him. Let me recount part of the conversation for you:

Guy 1- Thank you Ma'am, I mean Miss, you are too young to be a Ma'am.
Guy 2- And there is not ring on her finger.
Guy 1- So what are you doing tonight?
(At this point I turn red and pretend to be doing something important with the paperwork.)
Guy 2- Apparently she will be rebuffing your advances.

Anyway, those men just kept talking and talking, they were very amusing but I was glad to see them go.

I really enjoy work, it is so much fun. Last week we got a new magnetic dry erase board to put all our name tags on (they have magnets on the back.) Well, Robbie drew a little parking lot for our name tags and made one spot the says, "Reserved for Employee of the Month" and put his tag in that space. Now there is a little game where we each either move his and put ours there or change what the space says. Someone drew a parking space just for me. It is a box that has "Jo" at the right hand side so that when I "park" it reads "Sarah Jo" and the "o" has a smiley face in it. That warms my heart.

I had several conversations about hair today. When my hair was long my dad used to brush it out for me. I don't think I'll be letting my hair get long again, at least not any time soon. Long hair is painful.

They played Christian music at curves today. I enjoyed that.
Well, I must go down to dinner now.

I probably love you,
Sarah Jo

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