Tuesday, August 02, 2005

"I like seeing you this way."

I'm all stuffed full of happiness today. I had the best day at work. The muffins I took were a hit. I didn't have to go in till noon today. We were pretty dead most of the day and I didn't even have to get on a terminal until 3:30. I did set-up until then. That is where you stand at the front counter and see what the customer needs and then get all the paperwork you need from them, put it in a folder, and have the customer sit while they wait for their turn. It was my first time doing set-up and I was a bit nervous to start out with, but I got more comfortable after a bit and decided I liked it a lot.

I swear a blushed a dozen times today. Joanne said that she liked making me blush. I told her I knew that, as my cheeks turned a deeper shade of red.

Most days I wake up and have to decide to be happy, and I can get the smile on my face before I walk into work. Some days the decision is a little harder and I don't smile till I see that first expectant face telling me, "Good morning!" This day I woke up and there was no choice to make, I was happy when I opened my eyes. I was happy as I ate my breakfast. I was happy as I brushed my teeth. . .

And I realized that I haven't been this happy for some time. I used to feel like this all the time. I never noticed a change, it must have been slow. You see, I had been running away from God for sometime. Well, maybe not running, but keeping my distance. And what did I expect to happen? God has always been my joy. I am, by nature, a happy person, but God makes me a joyful person.

anyway, the point is that God has brought a new person into my life that, in turn, has helped me make my way back to God. Now I am reading my Bible and praying and I haven't done either of those things for sometime. I feel like the dam has come crashing down and I am once again surrounded by my Lord and Savior. However personal and involved this may be, I just wanted to share with you that Im truly, truly happy. And what better kind of relationship could you have with a person, than one that brings you closer to God? But, to quote Forrest Gump, "that's all I have to say about that."

Sarah Jo

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Ronnie said...

He sounds like a really lucky guy. . . I hope he realizes how lucky he is and that he still makes you feel this way 90 years from now.