Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I am running to you!

I was reading over some of my old poetry today and a new thought occurred to me. Now, be patient because this new thought might take a little while to spin out. Anyway, I have lots of poems I wrote about boys I liked at this or that time. And many of these poems convey much more emotion than I was feeling at the time, or at least more than I remember feeling. Teenage girls can be very dramatic, yes. I look back at them now and they make me kind of ashamed, and this is why:

I don't remember if I've said this before or not, but I want to live my life like my future husband is watching me. That way, I wont ever do anything I would be ashamed to tell him about. Looking back at these poems I think, what would he think if he saw these words, not written for him? I have written poems to my future husband, but these other poems make me want to swallow them all back up and save every word for him. But then I know that I cannot store up all my affection like a gift, because I would never have a future husband if I never let a guy know how I felt about him.
So a message to my future husband:
Maybe I'll get distracted a few times along the way, and give my love to the wrong man once or twice. But know this, I was looking for you the whole time.

Sarah Jo

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