Friday, August 19, 2005

Since I won't see you tonight:

So, I'm spending the night with the girls, and I plan on sleeping in, or not. I do have to get up in time to go to the bank to make an extra car payment. I am SO close, you don't understand. I can't wait to pay the thing off. Sigh.

And I had a great day at work today. It was very busy, but that's to be expected on a Friday and I kept thinking I'm off on Saturday, I'm off on Saturday.

This morning when I woke up I exclaimed to no one in particular that it wasn't fair. Then I realized that I was talking to myself and decided to sing instead, that's less weird.

Nothing new.

Okay now, I have to go pack my bag and head out to Germantown. I hope you had a great day. In fact, you should tell me all about it.

You have the floor. . .

Sarah Jo

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Ronnie said...

I miss you aleady and it isn't even 10 o' clock yet. . .what will I ever do?
I tried to stay up last night, but my fatigued body finally rebelled. . . so I slept 12 hours. Today was simply marvelous. . .I never had a day go by so fast. It is quite the shame, however, that I can't spend tonight with you. :(
We are rearranging the schedule, and I am going to set it up so that I can spend as much time with you as possible (cause I'm such a sweetheart like that).
We recently hired someone new (I am finally freed from Laura who was transferred to another store), so I have to get up super early tomorrow to make sure that she shows up (I hope she does, I hope she does. .. ).
I think I am going to go out and waste some money, I'm sure I will feel bad about it later. . .but that is later and not now. . .there's this watch I've been looking at. . . it has a gold band and diamonds surrounding the face. . .I'm trying not to buy it, since it seems like such a waste of money. . .but, I think my resolve is coming to its forgone conclusion. . .that at some point I will, in fact, buy that watch. hehe
We are falling behind in our little project, not to mention that I haven't been able to talk to you. So we should cover all of Galations tomorrow and all of Philippians for Sunday night. I am going to call you tomorrow while I am at work. Maybe around 6 of the clock, kind of depends on when I have extra time. . .just because I miss the sound of your sweet voice soo.
I've started writing in my blog again. . .I invite you to read it if you wish.
Goodnight Sarah Jo I love you and God Bless us.