Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The girl formerly known as a hermit crab.

Its almost time for me to go to work and I wanted to write. Well, actually I wanted to talk but there is no one to talk to and not really enough time for a satisfying conversation anyway. So, I'll just write and pretend I'm not talking to myself.

I woke up this morning thinking of the pretty orange blooms on my pumpkin plants. They open up when the light of the sun touches them and they close when the sun is gone and they only do it for one day. That just seems so romantic. Sigh. And I've now got two little pumpkins. One is the size of my fist and the other is about the size of my thumb. They are oh so cute and green. I hope they don't die. Next year I'm going to plant potatoes, those wont leave the flower bed like the pumpkins did.

Time is running short and I have much more to say. Some have told me that I say far too much here, but I don't care. I spent a good number of years trying to hide from the world and I'm done with that. Ashley J came along and broke open my shell with her x-ray vision. She was the first person I ever met that could see right through me.

Aww, I have to go now. What if all my words float away between customers? Then you'll never know what I was thinking.

Sarah Jo

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